Sunday, July 26, 2009

Diversified Cross Section of Community supporting Stanley Kalathara for NYC City Council District 25

Diversified Cross Section of Community supporting Stanley Kalathara for NYC City Council District 25

“I stand for the people of all communities” Stated Stanley Kalathara

With a strong message, Stanley Kalathara presented on Tuesday night the signatures of 4,023 citizens supporting him to get in the ballot for the upcoming primary election of September 15th, 2009

The Kalathara petitioning team collected, 4,023 people signed petitions to put the Queens attorney Stanley Kalathara on the ballot for the September 15, 2009 Democratic Primary.

Kalathara campaigners carried out the message of diversity of the minority communities of District 25th in Queens , NY . Kalathara’s platform addresses are focus on better education, quality of live, better economy and environment. Leaders of different ethnics group supporting Kalathara joined the team at the special event.

Kalathara, a veteran attorney, resident of New York for the last 40 years, said he is running to give a voice to the minority groups in his district, for a better education, quality of life, economics and a cleaner environment.

“We face hard times in the education system and we need to be part of the change,” said Kalathara last night at the campaign kickoff in Queens . “Our campaign opens the door to the hard working people of different ethnic backgrounds, but living in America for a better future of their families, I am for citizens of America” emphasized Kalathara. “We are running against all the odds, but we are for real. We are not using taxpayer’s money. I’m running for election to win the election with my friends for those who are looking for a real change ” he said, referring to the incumbent Helen Sears leading Democratic contender who in 2008 voted in favor of Term Limits presented by Major Michael Bloomberg.

Kalathara call for guaranteed signatures of the petitions filled with the Board of Elections. By law must be 900 signatures but the candidate Kalathara went overboard and his team of volunteers collected 4,023 signatures.

The petitioning drive, which runs through July 19, aims to get 4,023 signatures to put the attorney at law of Indian origin in the ballot. These are more that fifth the legal requirement.

Now the Kalathara campaign supporters are organizing daytime, weekend and evening teams across the District 25th with their campaign flyers, printed in English and Spanish and petition boards.

The event to celebrate the kickoff of Kalathara ballot drive was held July 14 at a Colombian restaurant on Northern Boulevard in Queens . More information on

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